Top Advantages & Disadvantages of a Medical House Call Practice

Published: 17th June 2008
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Like all niche medical practices, a house call practice offers the owner both significant advantages, as well as some distinct disadvantages. A savvy physician will take both into consideration before deciding to make the transition from offering services in a medical office to providing health care in patients' homes.

Top 5 Advantages of a Medical House Call Practice

1. Reduced Overhead: Because you will no longer have to maintain upkeep of a brick and mortar office, you will greatly reduce your overhead costs of running your practice. A house call practice is an example one of many truly low cost business opportunities in health care; and many physicians are pleasantly surprised at how little it takes to make the transition.

2. Flexible Scheduling: As a house call doctor, you get to decide which days of the week you will offer appointments, and you also have the opportunity to decide your optimal number of patients per day. Many house call physicians work only a few days a week, and of the doctors who work in this type of practice appreciate the flexibility that comes with treating one patient per appointment.

3. Quality Time with Patients: Ask any doctor who works in a traditional medical practice what their number one complaint is when it comes to patient appointments, and he or she will likely mention the frustration of having to rush from exam room to exam room as they hurry to stay one step ahead of their schedule. On the other hand, a house call doctor has the advantage of relaxing with their patients in a safe atmosphere, spending quality time with them as they discuss medical treatment and progress.

4. Less Paperwork: Besides no longer having to deal with leases, cleaning crew contracts and other nuisances of an office building, many house call physicians choose to cease filing insurance claims. This paperwork reduction is a welcome advantage to those in the health care profession who have had to deal with an increasing amount of paperwork as insurance companies have become more specific about their claims.

5. Ability to Focus on Particular Medical Services: Doctors who choose this medical business opportunity are often looking for ways to simplify their practices, so they may also reduce the number of procedures they offer their patients. Perhaps a singular focus on family or pediatric medicine is appropriate; or maybe a medical practice built upon geriatric generalization is ideal. House call doctors will also usually cut back on their diagnostic procedures.

Top 5 Disadvantages of a Medical House Call Practice

1. Difficult to Establishing Boundaries: Many potential house call patients will attempt to reach their doctor during unscheduled hours, and may even express frustration at not being able to make contact. It is up to the doctor to be firm about hours of availability, and to stick to those hours while reminding patients to refer all emergencies to the local hospital.

2. Temptation to Stray off Schedule: As comforting as it may be to enjoy a coffee with patients or to delve into a conversation about the latest current events, physicians who choose this business opportunity need to be disciplined about sticking to their scheduled appointment times.

3. Unexpected Conditions: As with all medical practices, the unexpected is sure to occur; and this may be more intimidating for doctors who are treating their patients at home. House call doctors should always keep their medical supplies well stocked, as well as have good relationships with nearby clinics and hospitals.

4. Skepticism from Potential Patients: Many people in your surrounding community may express skepticism about the feasibility of home treatment. It is wise to remind them that the foundations of health care lie in house calls, and that with today's advances in medicine and communication, a mobile medical practice makes perfect sense!

5. Frustration from Old Patients: If you are transitioning from a traditional medical practice to a house call one, you may find that your existing patient panel is frustrated at the change. Referrals to a trusted medical colleague-and invitations to join your new mobile practice-will generally allay most of these frustrations.

Since 1998, HouseCall Doctor has been offering a "turnkey" or established business model that educates and supports doctors who are prepared to make the transition from an office-based practice to a medical house call business. There are no royalty or other hidden fees, since this medical business opportunity is not a franchise of any kind. HouseCall Doctors can assist you as you make the change from an office-based practice to a more relaxing way to run your medical practice. Call us at 1-877-886-8575 or visit us online at

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